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New models of the Colaris family of digital textile printers and also a newly developed rotary screen printing machine.
The Colaris Infiniti is a 1.8 metre printer which can hold up to 8 colours and 32 SPT 1024 GS print heads in total with drop sizes from 7 to 21 picoliter. The speed ranges are from 520 sq metres per hour at 360x360 dpi in one pass to 170 sq metres at 360x1080 dpi in three pass using four heads per colour.
While, the Colaris3 is the third generation of high performance digital textile printer, using up to 64 Fuji Film Dimatix Starfire heads with ink circulation system. Those print heads are available in three different models with drop sizes from 10 to 250 picoliter and a native resolution of 400x400 dpi. The maximum speed of the Colaris3 is 1.670 sq metres per hour and covers resolutions up to 1600 dpi and is available in widths ranging from 1.8 metres up to 5 metres. The Colaris3 in combination with Chromojet digital in-line pre-treatment, drying or steaming fixation units, makes the printer the most versatile inkjet workhorse to print textiles, terry towels, polyester fleece and carpets.
Zimmer will also show first inkjet print results on cotton furniture, curtain, terry-towel and work-wear textiles with extreme fastness properties. This is a development project between Dystar and Zimmer and will lead to complete new applications using inkjet technology.
It is also showing the Chromojet tabletop printer, which is a small digital lab printer to develop new applications, processes and recipes using the Zimmer Chromojet valve jet technology.

The Rotascreen TG/TU is a new developed rotary screen printing machine in modular construction and opens a wide spectrum of applications to cover actual and future market requirements. Top results with single- or multi-colour printing on different substrates such as home textile, fashion, towels, blankets, automotive, technical textiles and innovative materials can be achieved. The original Zimmer Magnet System Plus can be combined with closed or open printing aggregates; single or double sided screen drives; roll rod and magnet blade squeegee technology. Both sided step-less cross adjustment of printing heads enables also narrow printing on wide machines with up to 24 colours at speeds of 120 metres per minute.


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