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Toscana Spazzole Industriali

Ultimate goal is to resolve your technical problems  creating specifically for

you the brush that  you really need. 


In pursuing its goal daily as industrial brush manufacturer, TSI always keeps in

mind that the most valuable asset is represented by the people, and the result

is strongly influenced by the entire staff.

For that the values that distinguish us are: 


mutual trust, honesty and loyalty are values that we always put on top of

interpersonal inside relationships, even more with our customers. 


we have a deep and sincere interest in persons coming in contact with us and we

are conscious of tolerance within our group, with customers  and with the rest

of society. 


we believe that the outcome of the work is closely linked to the quality of the

collaboration, and for that we are always willing to listen to operational

problems and to commit ourselves to understanding and resolving critical issues

in any sector, that is either known to us or unknown. 


we are a group whose members estimate, comply and trust each other, so that we

can collaborate for the same goal and more easily help each other. This

atmosphere is reflected in a synergistic continuous improvement of working


Through the design and production of each industrial brush and supply of spare

parts for brush adapted to more specific needs, we aim to provide concrete

answers to the requests of our customers. 


TSI is the result of the hand craft tradition begun in the second half of 1800. 

the evolving business and dated technical experience has enabled an improvement

that has been leading us to the top of the industry.

in fact, the very large growing number of actual customers over the years, has

enabled TSI to continually increase its experience and mastery on brushes

according to your needs. for this reason our group has  being always counting an

increasing number of new and recurring customers. 


innovation, research & development and quality are always guidelines that

represent the tradition that is renewed in the spirit of continuity and

enthusiasm with exclusive patents that today distinguish TSI around the world. 

This way of being and living the work suggests a statement: 

“we want to be for you more the employees than the suppliers”.







Via Ombrone, 24
59013 Oste - Montemurlo


Hans De Tremerie
+32(0)9 333 88 84
+32(0)496 25 35 04

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