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Scholze Germany GmbH

We continue to grow 

The history of Scholze Germany begins in 1921 in Zittau, Saxony, with the foundation of the company Reinhold Scholze, which produced accessory parts for important weaving looms.

Over time, the spectrum of service of the growing, proactive company Scholze changed, and in the 1950’s, the company initiated the serial production of loom beams. 

Today, Scholze Germany at the Frankenberg location in Hesse represents an internationally-renowned manufacturer of weaving machine accessories, focusing on back and loom beams as well as bobbins, canisters, cloth beams, tubes and flanges. The consistently high quality of the products is assured through stringent inspections and the professional training and further training of the employees. We use matured production procedures for fast, reliable and economically-viable production. 

Since 2009, we have belonged to the Neuenhauser Group of Companies, which connects us with other experienced and high-performance companies. We value the possibilities for exchange and further development which have characterized the company since its beginnings.

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Sachsenberger Strasse 5
35066 Frankenberg (Eder)


Hans De Tremerie
+32(0)9 333 88 84
+32(0)496 25 35 04

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