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Scaglia Srl, established in 1838, is the world leader in production of textile accessories, including aluminium and plastic alloy yarn carriers such as flanged bobbins, tubes, cylinders and cones.

In particular, in Scaglia stand, is it possible to find / see :

plastic ring spinning tubes of all main brands (Rieter, Toyoda, Marzoli, Zinser, Howa, Gaudino, HDB, Cognetex, NSC, Allma, Lakshmi, Saco Lowell, Suessen,… ) ;

plastic roving tubes of all main brands (Rieter, Marzoli, Electro-Jet, Zinser, NSC, Howa, Toyoda, Lakshmi, S.Andrea,..)

plastic finishing tubes for NSC, Cognetex, S. Andrea,…) ; 

plastic cones and cylinders, plastic flanged bobbins, spare parts for textile industry ;

flanged bobbins for textile industry (in several shapes and dimensions), aluminium cylinders,… ;  

The New Tagliastrazza machine, to remove waste (by a blade of hot compressed air) from aluminium bobbins, tubes, metal cops of any shapes, without damaging metallic yarn support.


Via Marconi 42
24012 Val Brembilla (BG)
+39 0345 59411


Caroline Mortier
+32(0)9 333 88 88

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