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fibrevisionFraytec FV2

 Fraytec is the Industry Standard for Broken Filament Monitoring, providing proven performance on all Technical and Industrial Yarns, Fraytec FV2 includes a range of substantial improvements over earlier generation Fraytec systems including: Detection of broken filaments at a range of sizes 3.0, 4.5 and 6.0mm, these are software selectable; includes central optic for denier variation and interlace measurement; events digitally analysed to determine fault magnitude; improved noise immunity; improved connectors; now handles up to 12-end winders; system allows integration with fibrevision Fraycam


 Fraycam is a portable system that allows broken filament faults to be detected and captured at full production speed and fibrevision Fraycam is the latest generation of this type of equipment, with enhancements that include: fully integrated to utilize the Fraytec FV2 sensor, this allows the user to operate the system as for continuous on-line or alternatively as a standalone; identifies all broken filament faults with software selectable broken filament size for 3.0, 4.5 & 6.0mm options; on detection of a fault the high speed camera takes instantaneous needle sharp images which are displayed on the PC software; reliable detection of individual broken filaments down to a fineness of 5 μm diameter at speeds up to 8,000 m/ min; individual broken filaments as well as larger “Slub” events are captured, allowing further detailed analysis of faults.

 fibrevision FibreTQS for BCF

 FibreTQS is an advanced On-Line monitoring system that has been jointly developed for the BCF process by Neumag and Fibrevision. FibreTQS provides measurement of all key quality parameters, with simple operation resulting in real time confidence in yarn quality. The FibreTQSsystem monitors all aspects of BCF quality using a multi-function sensor comprising; an advanced optical sensor and an high-frequency tension sensor, providing direct measurement of yarn quality, allowing easy interpretation by laboratory and operating staff. The key quality measurements being: Wind Tension (average tension); Interlace Level (entanglement); Broken Filaments and Slubs


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