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Machines for coating, laminating, impregnation, prepreg and nonwoven

Cavitec is the world leader in prepreg system for composite products for the aerospace, automotive, wind-power industries and for the resin impregnation of carbon, kevlar or glass fibre. All leading prepreg manufacturers work with Cavitec lines and each plant is tailor-made to specific customer requirements.

Caratsch AG, founded in 1962, and Villars ag, founded in 1983, merged in 1996 as Cavitec, the premier supplier of machines and plants for coating, laminating, impregnating and nonwoven.
The demands placed on technical and industrial textiles are steadily increasing. Functionality, comfort and environmental friendliness are parameters that require innovative processing methods. In the area of hot melt coating and laminating the CAVITEC products satisfy a wide range of requirements.

CAVITEC combines the hotmelt coating machine with laminating calendar, low tension drive and web guiding systems, unwinders for substrate and laminate, winder for product, accumulators, etc to a complete lamination plant according to your requirements. Auxiliary equipment for heating, cooling, melting (extruder, drum or block melter…) complete the scope of supply.

Combinations of PU-foam with fabric for the automotive or upholstery industries or combinations of breathable membranes with nonwoven for interlining of functional and outdoor clothing are typical 

Spirotto Rimar

Machines for textile finishing

Sperotto Rimar is known for being a leading innovator and manufacturer of textile finishing machines.

Founded in italy in 1949, Sperotto Rimar is specialized in machinery for the finishing of fabrics, both natural and artificial. Sperotto Rimar is at the heart of the most demanding market for high-quality textiles with the goal of developing innovative finishing processes for knitted and woven fabrics.






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