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Power-Heat-Set GmbH, based in Germany, has over 40 years of heat setting experience with machines for heat setting of carpet yarn with overheated steam.

Heat setting with overheated steam offers many advantages

For Heat setting PP

  • soft touch
  • small pin point
  • highly stain resistant
  • more soil resistant

For Heat setting PA

  • more bulk
  • more stain resistant
  • more soil resistant
  • soft touch
  • Color fastness

For Heat setting PET:

  • more bulk
  • Better tip definition
  • highly stain resistant
  • more soil resistant

Power-Heat-Set has in their program two different machine types for heat setting of carpet yarn with overheated steam. 

The GVA for heat setting up to 96 ends on 6 different channels, which gives you the flexibility to heat set small lots on different belts, even different colors of the same yarn or straight set and frieze at the same time. The GVA offers many advantages in carpet quality and desirable carpet characteristics as well as process flexibility.

The Hiperset for heat setting up to 84 ends on one belt. With this single belt design and an extra process control it is possible to ensure a uniform yarn quality and optimal streak level rating.

The new design of the climate chamber allows the yarn to be heat set quickly and thoroughly due to the improved airflow in the heat setting chamber.

One of the most important advantages of this machine is its unrivaled energy efficiency. 

Both machine types are available as modular system with different sizes of the climate chamber, which allows the customer to choose exactly the machine that meets their requirements. 

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