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Komax Sarl

Komax is specialized in the development and production of single screw extruders and coextruders as well as in the configuration of extrusion lines ready-for-use. 

Always listening to our customers, we are willing to have the newest technology for our extruders and coextruders. Due to the human environment of our society, we are able to listen and respond to special wishes of our customers. According to that we can develop specific machines und processes as requested. 

Komax aligns its development with 3 decisive aspects: 

-        Compact machines: space and weight saving is the base of our conception. Our machines feature always more functionality and at the same time a smaller floorprint and less weight.

-        High performance: constant increase of the specific flow volume, adjustment of the screw to the polymer, we try everything to achieve the best results with our extruders

-        Reduced consumption : reduction of the consumption of energy and water through the usage of specific motors, heat insulation, and the systematic usage of electro valves in the water circulation (closed loop control) 

Established in 2003 by Sacha Kottmann, Komax became well-known on all 5 continents because of its extruders. At the beginning Komax has been specialized on extruders and coextruders of small diameter with smooth barrel (series Elipse) but soon they developed extruders from diameter 20 mm up to 90mm with the technology of grooved barrel sleeves (series Arc).

Since the beginning of 2006, Komax offers complete extrusion lines for pipes and technical profiles. Originally Komax has been established in the ancient accommodations of the company Manurhin in Mulhouse. But very soon they were increasing and in 2008 Komax moved to Wittenheim, in the surrounding area of Mulhouse, where they established themselves in the ancient accommodations of roaster Warca.

After long negotiations, Komax received the patents right for Helibar ® in 2010, which opened them the doors to the machines with a high flow volume. The series of the extruders were completed in the following years because of the modification of the technology Helibar ®

The series of the single screw extruders and coextruders from Komax consists of 3 series. Each series uses a different technology which depends on the barrel.

-        Series Elipse: Smooth or slightly grooved barrel

-        Series Arc: barrel in two parts with grooved sleeve

-        Series Helibar: monobloc barrel with long helical grooves 

To ensure the durability and efficiency of our extruders, we only choose components with an excellent quality and we are particularly careful with the construction of our extruders.




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