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Weaving: Perfect accessories, innovative preparation

Products :

Heald frames, healds, drop wires, warp stop motions and products for leno weaving in the weaving accessories sector, tying machines and frames, cleaning and drawing-in machines in the field of weaving preparation: In total, Groz-Beckert offers over 12,000 products for weaving. Technical expertise is especially vital when it comes to the manufacture of dense fabrics or fabrics with sensitive warp threads. An array of patents and on-going development processes ensure optimum performance and economy. Alongside these specialist markets, the high-performance volume manufacture of simpler fabrics in international markets is also catered for. In other words: Groz-Beckert supplies the right accessories for all existing types of weaving machines. Healds, heald frames and drop wires are needed for automatic drawing-in – not only using Groz-Beckert drawing-in machines.

Service highlight Technical support:

There is no substitute for personal advice. This is why Groz-Beckert provides support for weaving machine manufacturers and weaving mills around the world with competent technical advice. Groz-Beckert is able to find an individual solution no matter what the application, and has the right answer to every textile-related inquiry.

Product highlight:

PosiLeno® The PosiLeno® leno weaving system from Groz-Beckert has revolutionized the manufacture of leno woven fabrics – a lucrative market niche with a promising future. Whether for apparel textiles, home textiles or technical textiles: Compared to conventional solutions, woven fabric production can be doubled using the positively driven leno device.


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