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Genkinger GmbH

The transport tasks in the textile industry are as versatile as the industry itself.

Genkinger GmbH has been present in this sector of industry for decades and offers an appropriate solution for almost every application.

A modular construction system of traction modules can be combined with a large variety of different load handling attachments.

Our product range includes all kind of trucks: from the simple pallet transporter over the high lift trucks for textile rolls to special trucks for the handling of warp beams at weaving and knitting mills or unloading of non-woven fabric rolls from winders and loading storage racks.

For Genkinger GmbH the excellent handling characteristics of the trucks are very important; containing among others narrow transport width; sensitive, safe, maneuverable and well-arranged operating as well as smooth and stepless lifting and lowering.



Emanuel Kraft
Albstraße 49
72525 Münsingen
+49 7381 1860


Hans De Tremerie
+32(0)9 333 88 84
+32(0)496 25 35 04

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