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Erbatech, a former part of the Brückner group, supplies the texile industry with the best in continuous wet finishing machinery for knitted and woven fabrics. Other products by the Erbatech group include, but are not limited to singing, desizing and bleaching equipment.

Erbatech will present the SCOUT APPLICATOR, an innovative double padder for the wet in wet impregnation of chemicals in front of stenter frames. This product is suitable for nearly all kind of wet in wet impregnation applications and has some advantages like; low-tension, low bath volume and low space requirement.


The nip dyeing unit, core technology of the well-known SCOUT COLOR dye padder and the SCOUT VACUUM, a dehydration system for synthetic fabrics (instead of squeezing units) will also be shown on the ITMA 2015 booth of Erbatech.


Werner-von-Siemens Str. 30
64711 Erbach
+49 60629510


Hans De Tremerie
+32(0)9 333 88 84
+32(0)496 25 35 04

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